Make an effective offer when you buy houses in Ft Lauderdale

Make an effective offer when you buy houses in Ft Lauderdale

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Make an effective offer when you buy houses in Ft Lauderdale Manuel Barrios Real EstateMaking a real estate offer that stand out can be a little bit complicated, especially if we take into consideration that the market is very competitive. It is for this reason that today in my blog, Manuel Barrios Real Estate, I want you to make an effective offer when you buy houses in Ft Lauderdale. I really hope you learn and avoid to fall in some errors of which I will speak to you next.

Learn how to make the best offer when you buy houses in Ft Lauderdale

Did you see your “dreamhouse” and want it for you? There are a lot of things you must do first, one of them is to create an special and solid offer! although this may sound like a simple task, it really is not.

The real estate market is very competitive and you have to be prepared and take the lead, because if not, other buyers will pass over you. Making an attractive offer may be less difficult if you follow these advices, you can start by not “succumb” to these fairly common mistakes:

• Delays

There is nothing worse at the moment of buying houses in Ft Lauderdale than the delays, the saying “Time kills the deals” applies very well in here. People interested in buying a property should be prepared and have all the paperwork ready: bank statements, pre-approval letters, documents that support the evidence of funds, etc.

This way you can present a more eye-catching and organized offer when you have your eye on a property, there is no doubt about it!

• Make an offer for the pre approved amount

It is true that bidding from the pre approval amount when you want to buy houses in Ft Lauderdale may have positive aspects – many people do this- but for Chuck Silverston (principal at the Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty in Brookline Mass) this is something that can lead you to a not so pleasant position, according to him:

“Many buyers come in with a pre approved amount for the exact offer price, but when competing against other offers – including cash offers – people need to show financial strength.”

Then he adds: “An exact pre approved amount can make a listing agent nervous because the buyer not only will not have room to negotiate, but may also not qualify if the interest rate increases. ”

Follow these tips to make your offer stand out from the rest!

Buy houses in Ft Lauderdale can be a lot easier when you have a good deal, so here are some other warnings that you have to pay attention to:

Make an effective offer when you buy houses in Ft Lauderdale 3

• Persuade the seller to lower their offer (lowball offer)

Sometimes, submitting a lowball offer to the seller can bring you negative consequences, especially if you do not take into account the seller´s market.

If you try to persuade without using common sense (without taking into account competitive prices) it can become into something somewhat offensive and in many cases, it will cause the owner to reject you completely and you will lose a good opportunity.

• Waive inspection contingencies

It really does not matter if it is a new construction or if you are buying the property from a relative; If you want to buy houses in Ft Lauderdale, you should get it inspected no matter what! If for some reason you waive the inspection contingencies in your offer, you could lose money if you later retract the pact you made with the seller, so pay close attention to this!

• Not presenting yourself correctly

There is nothing more important than giving a good impression to the owner who is selling the house that you want.

Chuck Silverston comments that “In a market as competitive as the real estate, the listing agent will determine which buyer will be the easiest to deal with… those who are not enthusiastic will be in a competitive disadvantage.” Just as simple as that.

It helps a lot if you have a good attitude, not asking indiscreet questions and do not putting in question the taste of the seller (these are just some examples).

If you take into consideration all the advices that I have given you today, you will have a solid offer and more possibilities to get the property you want!

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