First time buyers share their secrets to find houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale

First time buyers share their secrets to find houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale

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First time buyers share their secrets to find houses in Ft Lauderdale for saleAcquiring a home for the first time is a very exciting experience; Not only because it means an achievement at a personal level, but also because it is also some of the first steps to the adult and professional life that every young person desires! In this article of my blog Manuel Barrios Real Estate I will talk about  first time buyers share their secrets to find houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale. I hope you pay close attention and learn a lot.

Interested in houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale? Take into account the advices of the youngest!

Oh… the feeling of being a recent graduate, the excitement of a new and adult era… Those are times to remember, specially the first time of buying a new house or apartment. Maybe the whole process of finding the right property may seem strenuous, but with these tips everything will be much easier (the best thing of all is that these tips are given by young people!)

If you are interested in the houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale it is advisable that you have all the pertinent paperwork. Consider that the real estate market in Florida is very competitive, so if you are going to do a search, take with you all the applications and your checkbook … being prepared is an excellent option to start your search!

  • Count with a budget and stick with it!

It is important for you to be prepared and have everything in order; Buyers may be left with no monetary funds for a variety of reasons (almost always because they are not well advised, by the roommate or by the payment of the monthly rent).

Setting a top price is the most advisable, do not think about what you are or are not willing to spend. Yes, you can be flexible, but not TOO MUCH, at least in a monetary way (the idea is to save money if you do not have enough founds).

  • Be flexible

It is your first property, that means that everything will be a learning process; Do not worry about not being in a “downtown location” within the city. Many first time buyers know that places that are not in the center of the city tend to be less expensive in every way and that, as a young buyer, benefits you.

You will have the opportunity to save more money, which in the end is much more important than partying several days a week. You are entering into adulthood, and this is part of growing up.

  • Explore as many neighborhoods as possible

“Taking a look” at the houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale and their neighborhoods will give you a more concrete and broad vision of what you want or not. Flexibility is the key, there are places that are much more economical than others. The idea is that you have more options, this search can lead you to buildings with more square meters at a lower price!

Do things differently in order to have different results!

First time buyers share their secrets to find houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale 2

Thinking outside the box is something that will help you A LOT; Being open to non-traditional housing is an option to which many young people are coming, and the best part is that they enjoy this.

Eric Klein from RE/Max Achievers in Boston says:

“There are a lot of young people who would rent out a room or efficiency apartment. This way you will get more ‘bang’ for your buck in a nicer neighborhood, tan traditional rental options”.

Joining forces with a roommate who already has a place and allows you to live with him or her is also an option if you might no be able to afford a place otherwise.

  • Do not focus solely on the “online” methods

Walking into the neighborhoods of the houses in Ft for sale have several benefits. There are cases where young people have found excellent properties when passing through certain areas.

Remember that there are landlords who do not use the tools offered by the web, either because they are not interested, do not know how to manage them or are elderly, for this reason I recommend you to walk through those neighborhoods where you would like to live and have your eyes wide open to any offer!

  • Remember that counting on the help of a real estate agent is great!

Having the help of a professional will make things much easier for you, whether it is a real estate agent or a real estate broker; These usually handle a variety of properties listings that are ready to be bought or rented.

If you are not in a hurry you can take enough time to do your search in an relaxed way, but if you are desirous of having a place to live in a short time because of a deadline or etc… having a profesional on your side will make the whole process smoother (you will have to spend a little more money but the results will be amazing).

  • Use social networks

Social networks are powerful tools for finding good homes in Ft Lauderdale for sale. These social platforms play an important role and help to connect users to the real estate market in a locally and/or globally way.

You can join groups on Facebook or find those affiliates with your High School or college; This way you can get tips from different students.

  • Think about the credit!

I have talked about it several times and I will repeat it again: having a great credit score is crucial for finding great houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale. Keep in mind that the landlords do not know you and will not know who you are until you develop a business relationship with them. They will check your credit score and this will define on whether you are a good bet or not…

Are you new to all this credit stuff? Click here to know more!

Do not let the process become quite impersonal!

Make use of the old methods: a personalized letter with a photo is a good idea; This humanize you and will distance  yourself of the impersonality that sometimes social networks can create. This can also help you in cases where owners have many applications of other interested people in the property.

In the letter you could explain why you like the property so much and give details about yourself that can create a good image –of you- to the owner.

  • Find a “co-signer”

Many landlords are looking forward to two things: a solid credit score and someone with a steady job. Normally those with a minimum of two years of work history and an annual salary are the most wanted for homeowners.

Obviously, this is difficult for youngest and recent graduates, so, for this reason I suggest that it is best to have a “co-signer” with good a credit score and earnings to help you with the houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale. Although that you must keep in mind that not all the landlords are okay with this.

I hope these secrets to find houses in Ft Lauderdale for sale have been very useful! I would like to know if they have worked for you; Send me your comments, I will gladly read and respond them!

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