Landlords – Fill your vacant rentals in fort lauderdale fast!

Landlords – Fill your vacant rentals in fort lauderdale fast!

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Finding tenants to fill your vacant “rentals in fort lauderdale” can be time-consuming and stressful. Some landlords believe that using a Realtor can help make this process easier. There are several benefits of hiring a Realtor to fill a vacancy at your rental property and directing the marketing correctly to the right tenant is a very important one.

I will Market your “rentals in fort lauderdale”for you and fill that vacancy asap.

My Marketing strategy includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Creating a good Ad and distribute it
This takes time, and often, experience. I have access to sources that you would not have if you decided to rent out the property yourself.

2. Connections and Networking
I have access to other Realtors. Someone in my network may have a client that would be perfect for your rental.

3. MLS Access.
My license gives me access to the MLS. This listing service is accessed by thousands of Realtors all over the South Florida area. Another Realtor may view the listing and contact me directly because they have a client who has been looking for a rental exactly like yours.

4. Promotion.
I Order the installation of a street sign outside your property for traffic viewing. Order a Direct Mail Campaign for neighbors and send an e-mail campaign to local realtors.

5. Social Media and Online Advertising
In addition to these exclusive marketing opportunities, I will also be able to promote your “rental properties in fort lauderdale” in traditional ways, plus Social Media, electronic newspapers, and syndication to specialty real estate websites that can reach prospective tenants directly.

Let’s take the next steps and meet for a full presentation to show you how I can fill your vacant “rentals in fort lauderdale” fast, find the best tenant, at the best market price with the highest level of exposure!

P.S. My Presentation is FREE with no string attached!

Please contact me at your convenience.

Manuel Barrios (MANU)
Local Real Estate Agent
The Keyes Company
1520 E Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL 33304

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