How to find great rentals in Ft Lauderdale in one week

How to find great rentals in Ft Lauderdale in one week

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How to find great rentals in Ft Lauderdale in one week 2I know very well that the process of getting an apartment for rent can be a strenuous task; But you do not have to worry. Today in my blog Manuel Barrios Real Estate I will tell you “How To Find Great Rentals In Ft Lauderdale In One Week“. It may sound crazy, but I promise you it is not impossible. Follow the advices I am giving you below and everything will go well.

Don’t be fooled: Finding Rentals in Ft Lauderdale can be an easy task!

There are many people who want to find the ideal apartment very quick and without problems of any kind. Although it may seem like an exaggeration or something that only happens in Disney movies, let me tell you that it is possible to find great rentals in Ft Lauderdale in one week!

These tips are ideal for people that needs to move out because their workplace changed of location, because at the last moment your roommate retires from the lease that was pending, and any other situation that you can think of etc, etc.

The first thing I recommend is that, if you need an apartment ASAP, do a search during a weekday, this way you will have more access to the inventory of properties and landlords… do not waste any time! The idea is to start the search immediately and not wait for the weekend to arrive (weekends are usually the days were people go and search for properties, because they have more “free time”).

Having all the necessary documents is vital for finding great rentals in Ft Lauderdale in one week. You can share a lot of things with the landlord (have affinities), but this does not mean that you are a qualified buyer to him or her…

If you are looking for an apartment in Fort Lauderdale (or anywhere in the United States), you will need:

  • A clear scan of your photo ID.
  • Two to three years of tax returns.
  • One to two years of W-2s.
  • Bank statements.
  • A letter of employment of the company, stating: salary, title and how long you have been employed there.

Keep in mind that making a letter of employment takes some days to be ready. It will also help if you have a good credit history, a security deposit and the first month’s rent insured.

Desperate because you can’t find an apartment for rent? Check this out!

How To Find Great Rentals In Ft Lauderdale In One Week Manuel Barrios Real Estate

If you are eager to find the best Rentals in Ft Lauderdale, you should take advantage of the experts. Real estate agents can help you! They handle lists of properties in the market that are vacant. Finding these properties can be a difficult task if you do it on your own.

Of course, if you choose this route you may have to pay the corresponding fees to the real estate broker, it will get a little more expensive, but surely you will be happier with the results.

Here are some other juicy tips you do not have to miss:

  • Investigate: Having a short period of time to find an apartment does not mean that you will not take the time to do an investigation. You must be very clear about what you want to find. You can use digital tools such as social media or Google to find properties that suits your needs. Make a list of what suits you and what does not (does the building accept pets or small children? For example…).
  • Keep your mind open (and let it flow): Since the period of time you have to find an apartment is not very “wide”, you have to accept that there are things that you must give up, but… are they really important? You will have to make quick decisions (Remember that you are going to sign a lease and that this is will not be a lifetime purchase) and who knows, probably in this way you will get more than what you expected from the Rentals in Ft Lauderdale.
  • Never forget the “Word of Mouth”: In case you do not know it, the “Word of Mouth” method is one of the “old school” practices you can use to find a property. Take advantage of your network of friends and people of trust that you know; they will tell you if they know of any vacant property for rent. Social networks are ideal for this case (you can join groups in Facebook, use relevant hashtags or publish something in your profiles related to your search).

As you could realize, these are simple but very effective tips. I hope that by putting them into practice you will get one of the best  rentals in Ft Lauderdale!

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